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What I’ve been up to- February 2013

by heather
  • I had a minor cold that lingered all month. Blegh.

    Bass Pro Shop Aquarium in Las Vegas

  • I started exercising a little more consistently. I haven’t really exercised since before Christmas.
  • My husband inherited some money. We were able to pay for the bathroom remodel and say goodbye to our student loans. Wahoo!
  • Also I have to say it is super fantastic to have two fully functional bathrooms again.
  • I bought a case of tomatoes and canned salsa
  • I also canned tomato sauce.
  • For Valentine’s I made a Cheddar/Gouda Fondue. I roasted asparagus, potatoes and mushrooms to dip in it, along with green apple chunks and sourdough bread cubes. It was a hit.
  • I managed to work Calvin and Hobbes and Batman into my YW’s lesson on choices. Yeah, I know I rock. And I know they were paying attention because a couple weeks later one of my girls quoted a few chunks of my lesson in her sacrament meeting talk. Yes!
  • We went to Las Vegas for a couple days with the kids. Just for fun. We needed a break.
  • A few hours after getting home from Vegas my toddler started throwing up. Over the next five days at least one of us had this stomach virus. This winter we have gotten so many illnesses. I’m so ready for it to be over.
  • I signed up for Winder Farms deliveries. So far it has been awesome. Yes, their milk is more than twice as much as the grocery store, but I’m still spending less on groceries because I don’t have to go to the store as often.

What I’ve been reading/watching/listening to:

  • A Letter to President Dalton This blogpost was in response to talk that Elaine Dalton, the LDS General Young Women’s President gave at BYU. (If you missed the drama, she spoiled an otherwise beautiful talk by telling the young women that there was no need for them to lobby for their rights.) I’ve read several responses to this talk and this one was my favorite.
  • The Book of Mormon Made Easier Vol 1 This explains the Book of Mormon, a scripture at a time, citing cross references. It offers some insight, but I found it rather annoying that it takes the time to explain so many words that most people already know. It’s rather distracting.
  • God in America: How Religious Liberty Shaped America This 6 part PBS documentary talks about the history of religion in America and how religion affected other aspects of American history. I highly recommend it.
  • Top 5 Myths and Truths About Why Committed Members Leave the Church A presentation by John Dehlin that I also highly recommend to anyone who has family members that currently or have previously struggled with their faith in the LDS Church. We shared it with our friends and family on Facebook. I think it helped to promote some understanding.
  • Sons of Perdition–Lost Boys of the FLDS Church Living in St George I frequently work with polygamists at the hospital. Several of my coworkers are polygamists and at least half of my patients are polygamists, and I’m always interested in understanding them better. This fascinating podcast was an interview with the creators of a documentary about a few teenage boys who were forced out of the polygamist community.
  • DNA, Lamanites and the Book of Mormon John Dehlin interviewed Simon Southerton about his research. I found the DNA evidence intriguing and it seems to discredit claims that I have been taught all my life. Of course that would explain in part why the introduction of the Book of Mormon was changed. I was also very disappointed about how some Church members reacted when he was going through his period of questioning. That’s not Christ-like and that’s not how to convince someone to stay in the Church.
  • Edward Kimball, Son of Spencer W. Kimball I really enjoyed this John Dehlin interview with Edward Kimball (who wrote 2 biographies about his father). He talked about his family, his faith and about his brother leaving the LDS Church. He talked about the 1978 Restoration of the Priesthood to Blacks and the ERA movement. At the same time it was disappointing because it didn’t sound like President Kimball was directly communicating with God, but a really good man who was trying his best to lead the Church.
  • Sexual Allegation Against Joseph Smith & William and Jane Law I listened to this podcast because John mentioned this interview with Grant Palmer, a few times in his Faith Reconstructed podcast. As a believing member it was the most mind-blowing thing I have ever heard. It seriously rocked my world, not just the accusations, but the evidence.
  • Brian Hales refutes Grant Palmer’s Allegations After listening to the above Grant Palmer podcast I really wanted someone to defend it from a believer’s standpoint. I wanted good reason to dismiss it. In another Mormon Stories podcast, Brian Hales pokes a few holes in Grant Palmer’s theories, but actually supported him on some of the items that bothered me the most.
  • 12 Myths Regarding Joseph Smith’s Polygamy This podcast was second interview of Brian Hales with John Dehlin. Again he supported some things about Joseph Smith’s polygamy that really bothered me and he came to a few conclusions that seem to be unlikely.
  • Stop Catcalling Me One woman’s thoughts on catcalling. I loved the way she articulated this. Catcalling is not complimentary. Of course the people the most need to read this are probably never going to find it or read it.
  • Snuggie Texts I laughed until I cried. Stop what you are doing right now and read it. You can thank me later.

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