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Encouragement for Moms of Picky Eaters

by heather

Often I feel like cooking healthy things for my family is a losing battle. Recently Thing 2 told me “I don’t like anything you cook. I think you need to learn to cook new things.” This from the boy who will drink water from a puddle, but won’t eat vegetables. I generally feel like my efforts are mostly unappreciated.

Last week I went to Thing 1’s SEP with her teacher. Her teacher had given her the assignment to draw a picture of someone she admires and write a sentence why. Here’s what she did:

So it may take a few years for them to appreciate the work that you do, but someday they will. Although from this picture it seems like she would most appreciate it if I made giant cookies for dinner with sides of fruit or something. And I can do all of this without legs. Oh well. :)

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