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Book Review: How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

by heather

I recently picked up this book from Amazon because it looked interesting and I wanted to get my free shipping. :) How to Travel the World on $50 a Day by Matt Kepnes is an easy read that gets you excited about traveling. $50 a day is an average world travel price, some places are cheaper, some are more, but this book covers the logistics of getting a good deal and ideas on saving the money to get started.

Many people (myself included) think that traveling the world is not reasonable for them. It costs obscene amounts of money and there are so many barriers. School, kids, bills, etc. In his first chapter Matt addresses getting over fear of travel. “The most difficult part about traveling the world isn’t the logistics of the trip— it’s finding the motivation to go. It takes a lot of courage to leave your life and journey into the unknown. It’s the step that most people never get past…It’s only natural to second-guess yourself when making a big life change. And this is a big change.”  (I think that statement holds true to a lot of life experiences besides travel.) You aren’t the first person to travel abroad, as a whole the world isn’t as dangerous as the media says (the negative is what makes the news), you will make friends as you go, you are never too old, you can always come back and for every excuse there is always a solution. So if you want to travel, goodness why not give it a try? Your life will be richer for seeing a little bit of the world.

This book covers how to get the right credit cards, how to get free flights, on the road expenses and tips for specific regions based on Matt’s own travel experiences. (He writes a blog at In 2004 he quit his job, started traveling and found ways to finance his passion. Reading his book totally gives me the travel bug. Seriously, when my baby is a little bigger I have decided that I’m taking my kids to see the world. Got to start planning now. :)

Some tips from the book:

  • Put everything on a card. Pay for nothing with cash. (He earns 36,000 miles per year or a free flight to Europe by doing this one alone.)
  • Choose a bank card that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees.
  • Compare travel plans. Depending on what you want out of your travel experience round the world tickets (RTW’s) or third party booking sites each have their advantages.
  • Travel insurance is a must.
  • Look into travel discount cards. (Mostly geared towards full-time students, youth and teachers.)
  • Get a metal water bottle and refill it. You will save a ton vs. buying bottled water as you go.
  • Think like a local. Don’t eat in touristy areas and take local vs. private transportation.
  • Check out free museum days. Even the Louvre and the Guggenheim have these.

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