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What I’ve been up to: March 2013

by heather
  • Spent >$700 on plumbing repairs- oh yay.
  • My mother-in-law and father-in-law came to visit, the next weekend two of my husband’s siblings came to visit, then for spring break his youngest sister and her husband visited and currently my parents and sister are in the midst of a 7 day stay. Yes, now is the time of year that everyone wants to come to St. George. No one wants to come June-September. Can’t say that I blame them.
  • Over spring break we hiked in Pioneer Park, we hiked the Temple Quarry Trail, hiked a few trails in Zion’s National Park and played in the sand dunes of Snow Canyon State Park. I love taking my kids to enjoy the outdoors.
  • I ran the Spectrum 10K.
  • I used my Costco rebate to buy a Blendtec. It makes me so happy.
  • We planted a garden. My husband built me a couple of planter boxes. From what I have heard and read this is the best way to have a successful garden in the deserts of Southern Utah. I hope it turns out better than our previous gardens.
  • I’ve decided to start learning French. I’m learning the basics slowly, but surely. Someday I would really like to work with Doctors Without Borders and that’s a requirement.
  • I signed my daughter up for Girl Scouts. It seems like a good program and she’s excited about it.
  • We had a fantastic Easter. We hid clues throughout the house with one egg of candy for each clue. The final clue led to a kiddie pool with plastic balls (the ball pit variety) and their Easter stuff. And my parents arrived for dinner.
  • One of my good friends has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I hurt so much for her and her family.

Things I’ve Been Reading/Watching/Listening To:

  • Ralph Hancock- Critic of Mormon Liberalism– This podcast was five hours long, I don’t recommend listening to the whole thing, but hey that’s what I do while I clean my house. The first 1 1/2- 2 hours was interesting, Ralph Hancock explains a lot about philosophy which I am not very familiar with. After that the longer you listen the more annoying it gets. He is very narrow-minded and believes strongly in the correctness of tradition. Here’s a tidbit: “I have no personal experience with the plight of women in the Church, therefore I am unbothered by their inequality.” Basically ‘it doesn’t hurt me, so I don’t care.’
  • Carol Lyn Pearson- “The Hero’s Journey of the Gay and Lesbian Mormon” This a short but good one. This is a book club review of a book about the trial of gay and lesbian Mormons. This issue isn’t one that I have been particularly engaged in. I only know one openly gay Mormon, my mom’s cousin, and I don’t know him very well. After listening to this podcast I felt a new love and compassion for gays and lesbians. It is a hard thing and I hope that the people they encounter can think before they speak and act.
  • 22 Things Happy People Do Differently I loved this positive list. Good advice to remember.
  • 27 Science Fictions that became Science Facts in 2012 I thought this was cool. Hooray for science!
  • Joanna Brooks-The Book of Mormon Girl I loved this podcast so much. I think it is my favorite so far. It made me want to shout ‘Yes I AM A Mormon! And I’m that kind of Mormon, the kind who loves other people.’ Joanna is a member of the LDS Church who left for a period of time and then came back. I loved how she talked about the importance of telling stories, even unorthodox stories and how everyone needs to feel accepted. I think I must buy her book and I’ve started following her blog.
  • I Died Inside– One young man talks with Joanna Brooks about not being able to serve a mission because he supported his gay brother.
  • Brett Bradshaw- Gay Marriage and Fatherhood With all of the marriage equality talk lately this was interesting. Brett Bradshaw is a former Mormon who left the LDS Church after coming to the realization that he is gay. This is the story of his journey.
  • Guns, Germs and Steel– A National Geographic documentary depicting one man’s theory about the distribution of power in the world. Looking at history he decided that it’s not any given people’s God-given right or superior intelligence that made them successful, it all came down to geography. Geographic advantages led people to be productive farmers, giving them more time to specialize industries and allow for steel production which led to effective guns. Germs came into play in that the people who were exposed to domesticated animals developed immunity to their viruses, whereas people like the Incas and Aztecs had no such immunity and were more susceptible.

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