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Moments with My 5-year-old

by heather

I haven’t found a stage of parenting that I don’t love, of course it’s easy to say that now, because I generally get to sleep through the night, but I am really enjoying Thing 2 and where he’s at right now. He’s independant enough that he can manage his own seat-belt, most wrappers and he doesn’t need to be carried. He’s still young enough that mean kids haven’t made him shy and he has a great sense of wonder about him. He’s got imagination and enthusiasm and he’s just fun to be around. Here are some of the things that come out of his mouth:

While we were riding the shuttle around Zion’s Thing 2 would ask anyone who came to sit near us, “Do you like chicken nuggets?” After they responded he would say “I LOVE chicken nuggets!” He’s like a missionary for chicken nuggets.

In the car- Thing 2.: “If I ever saw the Boogie Man I would tell him that I could kill him in one hit. And he would say ahh!”
Sexy Husband: “What if the Boogie Man doesn’t believe you when you tell him that?”
T2: “But I CAN kill him in one hit. Are you even kidding me?”

T2: “I know everything in the entire planet.”
SH: “Oh yeah, what kind of tree is that out there?” (pointing out the window)
T2: “I know everything except one kind of tree.”

One evening we went to dinner with my in-laws.While there, Thing 2 was being impatient about his dinner. I told him not to yell at the table. He said “I’m not yelling at the table, I’m yelling at you!” We’re working on the whole manners thing.

The other day T2 walked into the room and said “Hey Mom”
Me: “Hey <Thing 2>, what’s up?”
T2: “I just like you.” He gave me a big grin and turned around and walked out. Oh, my goodness I love that kid so much!



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