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Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum & Dinosaur Garden

by heather

Last week we met some extended family in Vernal to run the Dino Half Marathon. While we were there we felt it was imperative to check out some dinosaurs at the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum and Dinosaur Garden. My kids loved it and if we were in the area I think we would go again (although I don’t think I would drive seven hours again just for this). Admission is $6 for 12 and up, and $3 for 6-12. So my kids that are 1 & 5 got in free. (I couldn’t find any coupons online, although if you run the Dino Half you get a coupon for $1 off an adult admission.) Hours are 9-5, Monday- Saturday. (I have to add that I liked their gift shop. I found a few reasonably priced dinosaur activity and story books that my kids were excited about, which kept them busy for the ride home.)

If you start on the right of the museum and go in a circle, one of the first exhibits includes hands on dinosaur activities for the kids. There were bones to unearth, trivia questions, bones to try to piece together and plastic figures to play with, as well as a cave to crawl in. Another exhibit included a laminated card with all of the animals throughout the exhibit that needed to be found. It’s like I Spy with animals.

From the Vernal Field House website

Outside of the museum is the Dinosaur Garden which includes a pond and several dinosaur statues. Overall, it’s definitely worth a stop if you are there for any reason.


When we came to the mammoth Thing 2 yelled out “This guy is stinky.” Mommy: “Yeah, he probably was.” T2: “Yeah, he was. I know because <Thing 1> told me so.” Thing 1 smacked her forehead. “I didn’t say that it stinks. I said that it was extinct.”

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