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What I’ve Been Up to: May 2013

by heather

What I’ve been up to:

  • Worked on my grad school application.
  • Ran the Dino Half Marathon and the Community Action 10K
  • Injured my foot a few days after said half marathon and was pretty crippled for a solid week
  • My kids finished school for the year. Hooray!
  • Visited family 😀
  • While we were visiting my MIL, she started ‘fostering’ five puppies. This was a lot of fun for the kids. If you want to get involved with a good cause, check out Rescue Rovers Adoptions
  • Took my kids to the Provo Rec Center- If I lived remotely close I would definitely get a membership and we would make good use of it. It’s definitely worth the money. For my kids’ age, I’d say it’s much better than the Seven Peaks season pass, and not as crowded.
  • Visited the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point- This is one of my kids’ favorite places.
  • Visited the Daughters of the Utah Pioneer Museum- This was even more fun than I could have imagined. I love history anyway, but goodness there are some wacky things in that museum. They have ball gowns with buffalo and locusts sewn on out of gold sequins, a drawstring from the underwear that Joseph Smith was wearing when he was killed and Brigham Young’s masonic temple robes that say “May the Best Man Win” in bold blue letters across the chest. Followed up by lunch at Blue Iguana, this was one of my favorite dates ever.

What I’ve been reading/watching/listening to:

  • A Brave Fan Asks Patrick Stewart a Question Yes, it is almost 8 minutes long, but I highly recommend that you watch this. I really admire a man who speaks up for the rights of women. I loved this so much that if I could I would hug him. Warning: tear-jerker
  • Russia Warns Obama: Monsanto The possibilities of the damage that Monsanto can do to the American people, and people throughout the world is very alarming. I do my best to avoid GMO’s, but they’re in so many products. People really need to be aware of the problem and speak out saying that we are not ok with this.
  • Like Sunshine in the Darkest Abyss I’ve Ever Experienced An LDS woman with a gay teenage son is interviewed by Religion Dispatches. I love this quote: “All that I’ve known my whole life is family, family, family. Heavenly Father gave me five of the most perfect kids, and I would never abuse that trust. There is not one thing in Mormon doctrines, policies, or teachings that tells us to kick our kid out of our home. I am his mother forever, in this life and the next.”
  • Traditional Mormon Sexual Purity Lesson Contributed to Captivity, Elizabeth Smart Tells University Audience and Did Mormon Morality Teachings Really Make it Harder for Elizabeth Smart to Run? Discussion about Elizabeth Smart’s comments about the chewing gum and why we need to not teach our youth so much shame in relation to sex. Elizabeth Smart is a brave young woman and I admire her for speaking out.
  • Before Dinosaurs: Walking with Monsters and Walking With Dinosaurs Because little boys ask their moms questions about dinosaurs and I want to be the kind of mom who can answer those questions.
  • What You Don’t Know About Religion, (but should) This is an interview with a sociologist who focuses on religion. I didn’t agree with everything said, but it was really interesting. One of the things he said is that religious fundamentalists (like Mormons) are statistically happier than other Americans. Liberally religious and non-religous tend to be better educated and more tolerant of other people.
  • A Mormon Mystery Returns: Who is Heavenly Mother? An article about the LDS doctrine of a female deity.
  • Brian Hales on Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Part 3 & Part 4 Brian Hales explains about how he reconciles is testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet with his extensive knowledge of the polygamous practices of Joseph Smith. It was interesting, but I am still a little skeptical.
  • Daymon Smith on Post-Manifesto Polygamy, Correlation, the Corporate LDS Church and Mammon This was one of my favorite Mormon Stories podcasts yet. Daymon Smith is a faithful LDS anthropologist who studied the Post-Manifesto era of LDS Church History. I didn’t think this time period would have been as fascinating as it was. There were many changes that happened during this time that had a significant effect on the LDS Church. This one is long, but it is totally worth the listen.
  • Inside the Mind of an Anti-Mormon This is one young man’s story about why he left the LDS Church. His are not exactly the reasons that my husband left, but I can relate to the sentiment.
  • Gregory Prince on David O. McKay Part 1 and Part 2 David O. McKay was president of the LDS Church from 1951 to 1970. I felt like listening to these pod casts helped me better understand the Church that my parents grew up in. I didn’t realize how very different McKay was from his predecessors and how influential he was in changing the Church.
  • This World: The Mormon Candidate The BBC did a documentary about a year ago asking different Americans about their opinions on Mitt Romney and the LDS Church. They even interviewed Elder Holland. I think some of the critics gave arguments that were slanted and could logically dismissed if they talked to some members about it, however some of the critics brought up some very legitimate concerns.
  • Dr. Janet Bennion- Living Among Mormon Fundamentalist Polygamy as an Anthropologist I took an anthropology class from Dr. Bennion many years ago as a freshman at UVSC (and I was in the band with her nieces in high school. :D) She is the leading anthropological expert on Modern Polygamy Fundamentalists. Some of her findings were surprising, like among some groups polygamy is empowering for women, particularly among the Allred group. Some sadder facts of abuse I am already aware of from some of my associations with the FLDS polygamists. One thing she said really rang true to what I have experienced is that there is so much variety in polygamy, many characterizations of polygamists that we think of don’t apply to most of those who practice polygamy.
  • Masonry and Mormonism– A man who is a mason, and whose family members have been involved with masonry for more than fifteen generations, explains how masonic similarities in the LDS Temple ceremony actually increase his faith instead of hurting it.
  • An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins with Grant Palmer– I really respect a man who tells the truth regardless of the consequences. And Grant Palmer seems like such a nice, grandpa-like person. I’d love to sit down and chat with him.

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