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Food Storage Friday: Tin Can Wind Chime

by heather

This week’s project was involved food storage, but not eating it. I found a project in the May 2013 Family Fun Magazine a few weeks ago and decided it would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. (I had some extra time since we were seeing the Grandma’s after school got out.) I changed it from monochrome from rainbow and added some g-kids hand prints.

Tin Can Wind Chime


4-6 clean empty cans of various sizes, that fit within each other
heavy duty string
a wooden ring or a end charm
spray-on protective sealant

1. Apply at least one coat of primer to cans, depending on your primer. Make sure that no metal showing through. (For most of the cans I applied 2 coats, but for the biggest ones I applied 3.)

2. After primer is dry, paint cans as desired.

My toddler wasn't really cooperative about applying a hand print.

3. After paint is dry apply sealant.

4. Hammer a hole in the center of each can with a nail.

5. Measure string to be the height of each can plus 10 inches. Start with top can, stringing  through the holes and making knots on the inside of the can holding the cans in place. Add a loop to the top for hanging and tie on a ring or end charm.

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