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What I’ve Been Up to: June 2013

by heather

What I’ve been doing:

  • My 14 year old sister came to visit for 2 weeks. We did a lot of hiking (in the mornings) and hiding inside in the afternoons, because that’s what we do in St. George in the summer time.
  • My mom had a stroke and heart surgery, so I’ve been…worrying.
  • Went on a mother/daughter Girl Scout campout with Thing 1
  • Cindy Lou Who fell off a kitchen chair, split her chin open and needed her first set of stiches… the same day that I was getting ready for the campout and my mom had her stroke.
  • I was the camp nurse for stake girl’s camp, which turned out to be far more busy than anyone anticipated. Crazy busy, but it was fun.
  • Finished my grad school application, now I wait.
  • Celebrated being married to my awesome husband for 9 years. Here’s to many more!

What I’ve been reading/listening to/watching:

  • Arrested Development: The latest thing my husband and I have been watching when we fold the laundry together after the kids go to bed. We tried watching it years ago, it seems a lot funnier now.
  • Conversions: Two Family Stories from the Reformation and Modern America I didn’t find this book review podcast intriguing enough to want to bother reading it.
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness, I will claim that I am a nerd and I have really enjoyed the last two Star Trek movies.
  • Mormon Dance Champion Benji Schwimmer Another awesome podcast. Benji talks about his faith, his mission experience, dancing in and winning the second season of So You Think You Can Dance and coming to terms with being gay. I love this kid. I love his energy, honesty and faith. If he lived near me I would totally invite him to come have dinner with my family.
  • The Gift of An Ordinary Day– One mom talks about her favorite part of motherhood, so sweet.
  • Women in the LDS Church Parts 1 & 2 Part 1 brings attention to the fact that women’s history doesn’t get a lot of press time in the Church. Part 2 discusses the 3 waves of the Feminist Movement in the United States. I didn’t realize that before the Feminist Movement of the 1970’s & 80’s rape was still legal in most places and there were no laws against sexual harassment. There were also no studies directed towards the differences in men’s & women’s health before this point. Those feminists had a bad rap, but I am very grateful for the things they changed to make life safer for me, my friends and my daughters.
  • Women in the LDS Church Parts 3, 4 & 5 An interview and discussion with Mormon icon and historian Claudia Bushman. I thought she was delightful, and I thought some of her suggestions for changes that the LDS Church should consider, were so practical. One thing she suggested that is now on my to-do list is to write a three part history, of myself, my mother and her mother. What a great idea! I’m going to do this.
  • Women in the LDS Church Parts 6, 7, 8 & 9 A series of interviews with Margaret Toscano. She discussed her LDS upbringing, her time at BYU and her thoughts about the LDS Church, women and the priesthood. Margaret was part of the infamous September Six. She was excommunicated from the LDS Church for her teachings about a Heavenly Mother, questioning some LDS Church policies and some other feminist ideas. Honestly, I loved some of what she said about Heavenly Mother. The idea of a mother-goddess who loves us really resonates with me.
  • Women in the LDS Church  Part 10- The LDS Church’s Opposition to the Equal Rights Ammendment Martha Sontagg Bradley discusses her research into the LDS church’s opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment. It was interesting, but unfortunately the sound quality wasn’t very good.
  • Women in the LDS Church Part 11- Linda K. Newell “A Gift Given, A Gift Taken: Washing, Anointing and Blessing the Sick Among Mormon Women.” I felt like this podcast was absolutely beautiful. In it Linda K. Newell, discusses how early women in the LDS Church used the priesthood to give blessings to other women. Most often they would wash and anoint another woman in preparation for childbirth. It was a blessings to give her comfort and support before the labor process. This idea of women coming together as sisters and supporting them in this event so central to motherhood is just so beautiful to me. Women who had received the temple endowment were also allowed to participate in healing blessings on the sick and standing in the prayer circle to give their infants a name and a blessing. This practice dwindled and was stopped in the 1950’s.
  • Doctors Take a Long Shot and Inject the HIV Virus into a Dying Girl This was so beautiful I almost cried. Hooray for science! Watch it, it’s totally worth your time.

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