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Food Storage Friday: Fiesta Revisited

by heather

Last weekend we were invited to a party that was cancelled for rain. But I had already bought everything to make Wheatberry salsa, which while delicious is too much for my husband and I to eat while it’s fresh. We decided to invite over our friends who previously spent a year as vegetarians, so they’re very open to meals that don’t involve meat. :) In addition to snacking on salsa, our meal included:

Cafe Rio Style Black Beans

Sweet Pepper Rice

Wheatberry Tacos

and because we got a whole bunch of chiles in our Bountiful Basket,

Chile Relleno 

 Instead of the traditional frying, we just threw them in a pan, covered them with the batter and baked them because its faster.

Using my food storage I fed a crowd, a healthy delicious dinner for super cheap. Food storage for the win!

In prepping for this party I also learned that the very best place to buy ground cumin is at the Mexican market. 2 oz of ground cumin at the grocery store runs $4-8. 2 oz at the Mexican market-99 cents.

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