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What I’ve Been Up to: November

by heather

What I’ve been up to:

  • Thing 1 had a birthday. If you live in the St. George area, the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center is the best deal for you birthday party money. $65 gets you an hour and a half of swimming for 12 kids, plus a hot snack bar item, a drink, a balloon and a party favor for each child. The kids get some healthy activity and I don’t have to worry about all of the stress that comes with hosting a children’s party at my house. (You do however have to book at least 2 weeks in advance.)
  • Respiratory season is starting, so I’ve been working a little more.
  • Homework- so close to being done with the semester. Wahoo!
  • I’ve watched Dr. Seuss’ The Loraxat least twice a day every day for almost 2 months now. Even when itisn’t playing I still have the music running through my head in a loop. Cindy Lou Who calls it “Bear! Tree!”, and because of this movie I sometimes am left alone for 20 minute intervals to work on my homework.
  • Family pictures and several hours getting our coordinating outfits together. I try to avoid making identifiable photos of my older kids public, but seriously look at my toddler. Isn’t she adorable? Pictures done by thegifford.
  • Thanksgiving- Lots of people ask me what we eat for Thanksgiving. The answer is vegetables. This year we had dill and spinach quiche, roasted Brussels sprouts with quinoa a la Thug Kitchen, baked potatoes, fresh pineapple and lemon meringue pie.

What I’ve been reading:

A Mormon Mother of Daughters Talks to a YSA Bishop about Intimacy– I loved this post so much! I loved the quotes from Holland that she used. “I’ve heard all my life that is it the young woman who has to assume the responsibility for controlling the intimacy in courtship, because a young man cannot. Seldom have I heard any point made on this subject that makes me want to throw up more than that….To say that a young woman in such a relationship has to bear her responsibility and that of his, too, is the most discriminatory doctrine I have ever heard…. Now, in saying that, I do not excuse young women who exercise no restraint and have not the character or the conviction to demand intimacy only in its rightful place and role. I’ve had enough experience in church callings to know that women, as well as men, can be predatory. But I refuse to buy some young man’s feigned innocence who wants to sin and call it psychology. Indeed, most tragically, it is the young woman who is most often the victim, it is the young woman who most often suffers the greater pain, it is the young woman who most often feels abused, used, and terribly unclean. And for that imposed uncleanliness, a man will pay, as surely as the sun sets and rivers run to the sea.” This talk in so many ways conveys the things that I was trying to teach my young women, and that I hope to teach my daughters in the future about modesty and virtue. Yes, I think modesty is a virtue, but not if it is enforced with guilt and shame and girls are made to feel responsible for the behavior of men.

A Daddy’s Letter to his Little Girl About Her Future Husband I like this. I hope that my daughters grow up to have the confidence to be themselves and not feel like they need to be some else to snag or keep a man.

3 Reasons I Quit Loving the Sinner and Hating the Sin Another really great blog post. I almost feel like I need to make copies and hand them out to everyone who wants to lecture me about being an LGBT ally. Here are Beth’s reasons 1.Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin isn’t in the Bible. 2.“Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” is made of 25% Love and 75% Sinner, Hate and Sin. 3. Jesus taught us to call people Neighbors, not Sinners. Just go read it, it was awesome. (She even works in an Emperor’s New Groove reference.) I feel like we need more people like this who just love people and aren’t so worried about judging them.

The Misguided Movement to Restrict Internet Porn I fully believe that there is value in restricting pornography use from minors, however I don’t feel that the internet petition that was happening this past month was the best way to do it, and this guy was very good at articulating why.

Amazon product reviews that made me laugh until I cried– Oh man, these are so awesome

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