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Las Vegas Discovery Children’s Museum

by heather

To celebrate Thing 1’s birthday this month we decided to check out the new children’s museum in Las Vegas.  My kids LOVED it. The Las Vegas Discovery Children’s Museum opened in March of this year. Sept- May the museum is open Tuesday through Sunday. June- Labor Day, they open later, but are open on Mondays as well. The museum is closed for the 5 major holidays. Admission is $12 per person for everyone age 1-99.  However, an annual membership is $125, so for the price of 2 family visits + $5, we can visit every time we pass through Vegas. We opted for the membership and are giving it to the kids as a Christmas gift. A family membership includes 2 adults and up to 4 kids, so if you have 4 kids instead of 3 like us, the membership is definitely the way to go. If you have more than 4 kids, I believe you can add them for an additional fee. The membership comes with a few extra perks as well. I haven’t seen any regular coupons for this place, although I know that periodically they have days where admission is free to the public and while standing in line I saw locals receiving for employer affiliation.

Things I loved about this museum

1.They have a semi-hidden area where breast-feeding moms can sit and feed their infants while watching their older children play. I’m not in that stage of life anymore, but I remember how many places just aren’t breast-feeding friendly and appreciate place that facilitate this for young moms.

Playing in the Toddler Town (which has a nursing nook in the corner)

2.They are very well-staffed. There are three levels and they have a staff member guarding the stairs of each one so small children don’t wander away from their parents. (Not that this happened while we were there or anything 😉 )

3. The facilities are very clean and I saw the staff wiping down toys and surfaces with spray and paper towels throughout our visit. With so many little hands, it’s reassuring that they’re attempting to stem the spread of illness.

4.There are a wide variety of activities. There’s educational activities, like learning about the body and healthy foods.

A-larger-than-life size model of the human ear

5.There are gross motor activities like climbing through tunnels and going down slides.

Future vet

6. There are occupational activities like playing store or pretending to be a vet.

7. There is a lot of imaginative play like a castle with dress up clothes and a pirate ship with a cannon that you can load and shoot with plastic balls.

Who doesn't love a good pirate ship?

8. There are craft projects to do and mysteries to solve. This museum definitely has re-play value.

Thing 1 and Cindy Lou Who, looking in the sand for treasure

9. There is lots of free covered parking, unlike when we’ve visited museums in other big cities.

My kids favorite parts:

Thing 1: The castle with princess dress-up clothes

Castle complete with throne room and tower

Thing 2: Water World- A hands-on water learning exhibit, complete with rain coats where kids can learn about water movement with fountains, rivers, dams and plastic balls.

Cindy Lou-Who: Probably also water world, although she also had a great time playing in toddler town.

The only things I didn’t like about this museum:

  1. It’s kind of pricey for a one time visit. I think we’ll get our money’s worth out of a membership, but if you only plan on going once, $60 (plus gas) is kind of a lot to drop on a museum visit. $12 for a 2 year old, really?
  2. The food options near-by are pathetic. There are vending machines outside of the play area of the museum and there is a mall a few blocks away, but all of the food-court options were over-priced and very unsatisfying. (Keep in mind we are vegetarians, so that cuts out some options.) Next time we’ll just have to pack our own lunch.

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