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What I’ve Been Up To: December 2013

by heather

What I have been up to:

  • We had a blizzard. One co-worker said that she has lived here for 22 years and she has never seen a snow storm like that in St George. And not only did we get a snow storm, but the snow stuck around for more than a week. (In fact we still have some in patches in our yard weeks later.) Totally weird for St. George. But the kids enjoyed snow fights and building snow men.
  • I got my neighbor gifts AND my Christmas cards out before Christmas. Wahoo!  (Well, most of them.) I am never this organized. For neighbor gifts I made these bags of dried fruit and spices (for Christmas smells). I like that it’s something that it is something easy brings Christmas cheer, and I can give it guilt free to all my neighbors and not have to worry ‘will my neighbor who is diabetic/on a low-sodium/other special diet actually use these?’
  • Thing 2 had a birthday. We had a party at Jumpin’ Jacks. I rebelled against the norms and did not make party favors, because I don’t believe that my children or most children (or their parents in reality) need more candy or small cheap toys, especially during the month of December. They jumped around for two hours, had pizza, birthday cake and oranges and went home with a balloon. Everyone was happy. If you have a Jumpin’ Jacks party in mind 1) Monday- Thursday parties are significantly less expensive than weekends 2) There is a coupon on the Dixie Direct card for 10% off party packages.
  • We’ve joined an organization to help reduce the rate LGBT homeless youth in Utah. More on that later.
  • My good friend taught me how to make tamales. I made a vegetarian filling and they were awesome.
  • My husband got me a pressure cooker for Christmas. (Which btw is currently on Amazon at a fantastic price.) I’m excited for how much easier it is going to be for me to cook the dry beans in my food storage. Wahoo! We used it to steam tamales and it was awesme! 9 minutes instead of an hour. :)
  • We visited family and friends for Christmas, participated in many a family tradition. Stressful, but the kids had a great time. :)
  • I took the older kids ice skating. It was a good teaching moment for Thing 2. We talked a lot about the importance of trying again after we fall and not being afraid of failure.
  • Took the kids to the St George Children’s Museum and the Gateway Children’s Museum.
  • I finished the semester with 99% in my healthcare informatics class. Yes!
  • I was promoted to charge nurse. I’ve been offered this position before, (and I actually was a charge nurse at a previous job) but it came with the strings of ‘we want you to work nights’ or ‘we want you to work more often than you do right now’. Nope, not interested. But they got desperate enough to promote me anyway. Being a charge nurse means that I finally had to get around to learning how to make coffee with our new machine.

What I’ve been watching/reading/listening to:

The 19 Best Pope Francis Moments of 2013 Goodness, he seems like such a loving a Christ-like guy. The picture of him hugging the diseased man almost made me cry. It gives me hope for humanity that there are world leaders like him. I love people who are publicly loving those who are in need and encouraging others to do the same. I hope that Pope Francis’ future years prove to have as much good influence as this past one did.

Disney’s Frozen– Cute movie. I may have enjoyed it as much as my children. I loved many things about that movie, but I do love that they not so subtly questioned whether marrying someone you just met is a good idea. Unlike in The Little Mermaid or Sleeping Beauty. Yes! Let’s teach our children to think for a minute before making major life decisions!

LDS Church can change; it did in 1978 A Utah resident talks about the possibility of people changing their attitudes towards same sex marriage and homosexuals.

Celebrating Christmas with Family I’ll Never Meet I always enjoy reading Robert Kirby’s articles.

How I Escaped Mormonism– One woman’s journey in search of Christ. I’m not sure if I agree with all (or most) of this, but it was an interesting read.

The Power of Vulnerability A TED talk by Brene Brown. She is a researcher who studies vulnerability, shame and authenticity. Here she shares some beautiful insights into why vulnerability is a part of the human experience. It’s 20 minutes long, but it is 20 minutes that is well spent.

The Shelf Falls Down: Plural Marriage Suddenly Becomes an Unbearable Doctrine for The Tabernacles Terra found herself coming to similar and unpleasant realizations, as myself, when she started looking at polygamy. As I read it I felt like you was articulating so many things that I have been thinking about the matter.

The Forgotten Women of Polygamy fMh addresses some of the problems with the most recent article on polygamy.

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