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What I’ve Been Up to: January

by heather

What I’ve Been Up To:

  • Girl Scout Cookie Season! Taking Thing 1 around to the neighbor selling her cookies. If you are in the St George area and want cookies, shoot me an email and we can bring her order form by. Orders have to be in by Feb 10, cookies are delivered the beginning of March.
  • I signed up for 2 grad school classes, but was waitlisted #10 & #17, last semester I was waitlisted #6 for a class and didn’t get in. So I gave up hope of going to school this semester so I started making plans for other projects.
  • I signed up for The Spartan. It’s a 13.1 mile obstacle course. My husband and a friend are going to run it with me. It’s going to be awesome. I think I may replace my run a marathon goal with this. Last year when we thought about signing up, it was ~$250 per person, but there was a Living Social deal that made it $65 each. Here we come!
  • Our master bathroom and our dishwasher needed to be repaired. First world problems, I know, but seriously they throw a kink in life.
  • We had a furnace and ventilation installed in our basement so our space will be a little more welcoming for a homeless youth.
  • H1N1 happened. It has made the hospital busy and meant that I worked a few extra shifts.
  • And after I spent most of my savings on the basement, enough people dropped that I got into both of my classes, which I really wasn’t expecting, but hey that’s what I wanted. It just means that I’m busy. And fortunately I worked those extra shifts to help cover the tuition costs.
  • Potty-training. BRING IT!
  • I was nominated for 3 Brodie awards, wow. Best New Blog, Best LDS Journey and Best Recipe. If you guys would vote for me that would be awesome, but if you go over to the and are blown away by the other contestants I can’t say that I blame you. There have been so many awesome pieces of writing this year.

Things I’ve Been Reading/Watching/Listening to:

Top 10 Zen Pencils of 2013 I think this may be my new favorite blog. So many awesome quotes.

Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son This was heart breaking. I hope that people will try to be more understanding of their loved ones and just love them for who they are, or their loved ones just may not be a part of their lives.

Modeling Consent– There are many people out there who are speaking against rape culture, which is good, but we need more people advocating consent and modeling what healthy consent looks like.

The Good Samaritan and the Obedient Levite “When in doubt, be kind, not obedient.”

You are Your Life and Nothing Else “Existentialist philosophers teach us that we alone are responsible for creating a meaningful life in an absurd and unfair world.” Some interesting thoughts on living an authentic life.

Stay-at-home Dad leaves post-its for his wife These are amusing and relatable.

How the Mormons Make Money A Business Week article discussing the finances of the LDS church.

John Boyd’s Roll Call: Do You Want to Be Someone or Do Something? This article tells the story of John Boyd, a brilliant aviator who made “more contributions to fighter tactics, aircraft design, and the theory of air combat than any man in Air Force history.” In his career he decided that he could sell out and be someone important, or he could stick to his guns and do something. He spent his life trying to improve how the Air Force operated, believing that the military had an obligation to the American taxpayer to try to run efficiently. This was not a popular idea.

7 Moments That Made Frozen the Most Progressive Disney Movie Ever Yes! Yes and YES! Here are some of the reasons that I love this movie.

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