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What I’ve Been Up To: February 2013

by heather

What I’ve Been Up To:

  • I’ve been busy with homework. Full-time coursework + kids is pretty time consuming.
  • I applied to graduate school. Hopefully get in this time. However if I don’t I’ll be ok. I have friends here. Moving is a pain. I have projects I am involved in. I can go to a different program, however this one is the one that I really want, so if I got in that would be awesome.
  • I made this Roasted Tomato Soup from Thug Kitchen. It’s delicious and has more vegetables than your traditional tomato soup.
  • I helped Thing 1 reach her girl scout cookie goal so she could get her extra patch. We only crazy lady get upset with us about with us about girl scouts supporting the LGBT movement. Look lady, my daughter is not learning to be a lesbian. She makes bracelets, goes to museums and does service projects. I’m not here to talk politics, I’m trying to support my daughter in her activities. We started backing away. The lady still bought cookies.
  • Valentine’s Day- Can I just say that Thing 1 is the sweetest? She made a family treasure hunt with a map for us. At the end there was a Valentine for the whole family, plus little Valentines for each of us, with candies and stickers. She did this all on her own. In the evening we had heart-shaped pizza and a pinata. My husband is a sweetheart too. He bought me a gift card to a salon because he thinks that I don’t take enough to time for myself.

What I’ve Been Reading/ Listening to/Watching:

Broadcast of ‘Breaking the Silence on Suicide’– Utah ranks #5 in teen suicide in the nation. Krimeny! This broadcast discusses the problem of suicide and depression and ways that people can help their children and at risk teens in their community. This is awesome. Watch it!

Florence Nightingale: Iron Maiden– Wow, this was interesting. Florence Nightingale as a person was not the same as the icon that I’ve always heard her painted to be. She was complex, feisty, very opinionated, rebellious and actually not a very good beside nurse. More people died in her hospital than in any other place during the Crimean war. This was due to many factors, but mostly to the fact that all of the water in the hospital that she worked in was contaminated and the general conditions of the hospital were all around filthy and disgusting. The wounded came to her hospital and acquired illnesses worse than their battle wounds. But she was a champion for the solider and she did try to help them die more peacefully, and often wrote home letters to their families that were comforting if not honest. ‘Your son died of dysentery. He was not in pain and died a peaceful, painless death’ /:| I did love that when the doctors were not treating patients, she broke into the medicine room and took the supplies that the doctors refused her. She was also fantastic at writing about nursing theory and working on change in public healthcare.

On Becoming Apostate: Mrs. T’s Story– A friend of mine, shared her story of some painful realizations that she had about the LDS temple ceremony.

How Modesty Made Me Fat– I really liked this article, although I think it would have been better named something else. It talks about how an over-emphasis on modesty objectifies women.

Morality? We can do much better than this It makes me really sad that leaders of the LDS Church are still blaming young women for whether or not young men have pure thoughts. I still care about many people who will read these words as truth. I really thought they were getting away from blaming young women and talking more about individual choice and accountability.

Homophobic People Die Earlier As it turns out being filled with hatred can shorten your life.

Religious Trauma Syndrome– I thought this post was interesting. It talks about how some religions give people mental health issues. I’ve definitely seen it in people that I know.

10 Ways to Show Love to Someone With Depression These are some good practical ideas about ways you can help someone you love with depression. Definitely worth the read.

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