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Food Storage and Ex-Mormonism

by heather

Awhile ago someone asked me how I feel about food storage now that I’m an ex-Mormon. The short answer: food storage is a good idea, even if you are an ex-Mormon.

The long answer: My views on food storage have changed a little, but I still think it is a good idea. I don’t think that there will be a sudden massive end of the world, and if there is I don’t think having food storage is going to save anyone. I never understood the mindset of collecting food storage for when ‘the saints move back to Missouri’. I think most people would find it rather difficult to fit their families and their year supply of food in one vehicle. Is everyone going to rent a semi for this adventure? In a catastrophe will there be that many semis available? I also don’t get the idea of collecting food storage for ‘the rapture’, when the earth will be burned and the righteous will be lifted up. Then all of that food storage will be set on fire? Why accumulate it then, why not give it to the poor? I don’t get it.

I think that having food storage and knowing how to use it is smart and it has worked very well for my family for a few reasons:

  1. Traditional food storage (rice, beans, wheat, etc.) is healthier than a lot of processed food that has become a big part of the mainstream American diet.
  2. Food storage is a good back-up plan. Whenever we have unexpected expenses I say ‘Well, we’re going to eat more food storage for awhile, and not eat out while we build our savings back up’
  3. We’re vegetarians, eating a balanced diet goes well with eating a lot of beans and grains.
  4. Food storage saves you money. Beans and grains cost a fraction of what most other food items cost. Whenever we have family come to visit, food storage makes it easy to feed a crowd with out hurting your wallet. And if you know how to do it well, no one complains.
  5. And of course, it’s good to be prepared for emergencies. Not often living in St George, but there have been times that the weather had made going to store ridiculous (blizzards, and other major weather events), but I always have enough food to get by. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve run out of an item in my fridge and I don’t have time to run to the store, but I’ve been able to find something to back me up in my food storage, like powdered milk.

I look at some of the expensive food storage product lines out there and shake my head. For most people it would be a better move to pay off debt or put the money in savings instead of dropping thousands on food that they don’t really have the space for and don’t plan on using. Food storage if done right, doesn’t have to be ridiculous.

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