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What I’ve Been Up to: March

by heather

What I’ve been up to:

  • I helped my kids build Olafs for the snowman building contest at school.

    Not perfect, but I'm not a helicopter parent and my 6 year old actually did a great deal of this himself.

  • I finally got rid of all the girl scout cookies.
  • Over spring break we visited the Las Vegas Children’s Museum and Death Valley.
  • We took a trip to Denver and stopped at Arches National Park along the way.
  • I got an interview at the grad school program of my dreams. The drive there was stressful and I got little sleep the night before. The interview didn’t go as magically as I hoped, but I didn’t totally botch it either. Now we wait.
  • A whole lot of homework.

What I’ve been reading/watching/listening to:

  • An Amazing Mom of Seven Who Won’t Ever Ask– I only read SDL occasionally, but I loved this post and that he was willing to help his friend in need. A mom of seven kids with multiple sclerosis is struggling to keep it together. If you can donate a few dollars to worthy cause, I promise they are grateful. Here are their follow-up letters.
  • Frozen-Over and over and over. 😉
  • Prochaska- Stages of Change– I thought this was a very interesting presentation by a behavioral health researcher about helping people change to benefit their health. There are 5 stages of change and how you approach a person (perhaps a patient) in helping them to change depends on what stage they are in. I really loved this video and I felt that his ideas gave me hope for improving healthcare.
  • My husband and I have been taking a Coursera course together called Psychology and Buddhism. I’ve learned many things so far. It makes you think about our motivation for doing things.

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