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What I’ve Been Up To: April

by heather
  • Dyed easter eggs with Kool-aid. We found that lemonade is pretty weak in the color department, pineapple gives a much better spring-time yellow. Mix 1 packet of Kool-aid with 2/3 cup water per bowl. No stinky vinegar required and the colors came out great.
  • Most of the fam and I got sick, that pretty much sucked away a week of my life.
  • Lots of homework. Almost done with the semester…
  • I started making an ‘I Spy’ quilt for my kids. When I can’t focus on homework anymore I switch to working on that. Now my problem is that I’ve hit every local fabric store and I don’t have enough fabric. I’ve found a few fun pieces on-line, but I need to get creative in my search for scraps.
  • Tried this recipe for Asparagus Potato Salad from Oh She Glows. It is very tasty, but next time I think I will decrease the dill a tad.
  • Sold a whole bunch of stuff in a local online yard sale, and took boxes and boxes worth of papers and outdated manuals to the recycling bin. Hooray for getting rid of stuff!

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