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What I’ve Been Up To: May 2014

by heather
  • I finished the semester (did well) and the kids finished the school year. May is always very busy.
  • It’s started getting warm here so we’ve been hitting the swimming pool and the splash park regularly.
  • I cleaned my house like it was my new religion. It’s now up on the market. If someone is inclined to buy it, that would be awesome. Or if you know someone who is looking for a 7 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood in St George, send them my way.
  • We left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa for a week while we went on an Alaskan cruise for our 10th anniversary. We needed a vacation so bad, and it was lovely.
  • Have been working on getting rid of stuff (selling online and giving away). It’s so much easier to keep your house clean when you own less stuff.

What I’ve Been Reading/Listening to/Watching

  • Call the Midwife- As my friend Mandy says, this should be mandatory material for every nurse.
  • RadioWest on New Order Mormons– I thought it was interesting that New Order Mormonism hit the news, and I have to say that I really admire John Dehlin.
  • Bulemia, Body Image and Faith– This spoke to me in so many ways. Some sad and painful and some empowering. Regardless of your religious views, the fact is that sometimes the cultural messages that young girls receive can be very harmful. When I was a YW’s leader I tried my best to emphasize that how they treat people is far more important than their appearance. But my voice is just one among so many. I hope that they remember the messages that I tried to give them. I hope that my own daughters know that how they look is a small part of who they are. This one was long, but definitely worth the time, especially the first segment.
  •  Utah high school’s yearbook photo editing angers female students A Utah high school edited photos of a few girls that it deemed were wearing ‘immodest clothing’ in their yearbook photos, but other girls wearing nearly identical tank tops didn’t have their pictures altered. And what speaks the loudest was there was a yearbook page of boys from the high school without shirts on, and sometimes with their underwear showing, but whoever was in charge didn’t feel like that was too immodest for the yearbook. “This action, a decision made by a few school officials with no apparent consultation with students or parents, is just unacceptable,” Mullen said in a statement. “It is a keen example of how our culture, and especially those in power to make such random decisions, shame young women into thinking they must dress and act in one narrow, acceptable way.”
  • Utah must honor same-sex marriages performed during 17-day window If people want to make a legal commitment to each other than one person’s religious beliefs should not be allowed to stop them
  • Utah is on track to eradicate homelessness by 2015– Go Utah! This is so awesome. The best way to solve the homelessness problem is find a solution that actually helps people. In Utah they found it is more cost effective to give homeless people apartments than to constantly pay for their multiple ER visits. They’ve found that giving people a place to live decreases their healthcare usage and helps people find jobs and many are moving beyond state dependance.

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