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Book Review: Isa Does It

by heather

This is currently my favorite cookbook. Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week makes vegan cooking a tangible reality, not something that only movie
stars with personal chefs enjoy. She has many delicious recipes with, tips and tricks to make preparation easy, like how to shop, how to plan and the best way to chop tempeh. This book (and her previous two books) helped make me familiar with previously obscure ingredients such as nutritional yeast and tempeh that help make recipes more satisfying and tasty. From Isa, we learned how to make a great seitan, how to prepare tofu so it doesn’t taste weird, and that soaked and blended cashews make a very convincing dairy replacement in sauces. In addition to great recipes (with lots of variety) and tips, I love that it has many beautiful full-color pictures. It’s also fun to read because she gives short stories about each recipe.

From her book I have tried roasted potato & fennel souppesto soup with gnocchi, beans and greens, butternut bisque, cheddary broccoli soup, ranch salad with potatoes and smoky chickpeas, dragon noodle salad (highly, highly recommend), baked garlic-curry fries, Korean BBQ portabello burgers (seriously, my new favorite food), ancho lentil tacos (easy and satisfying), roasted butternut Alfredo (I found a highly rated version of this online that actually called for cheese and it was super gross compared to Isa’s recipe), creamy sun-dried tomato penne, eggplant & bread crumb fettuccine (now my go-to when we get an eggplant in the bountiful basket, it tastes better and is easier than eggplant parm), pesto cauliflower pasta, tofu mushroom stroganoff (deceptively meaty), lentil-a-roni, goddess noodles, pesto risotto, beefy asparagus stir-fry, sticky orange chicky stir-fry (with chicky seitan), tempeh giardino, spinach and black bean burrito bowl (this was the only one we tried that we wouldn’t try again), citrus-tahini bowl with bok choy and grilled tofu (this is my husband’s favorite), warm potato salad with grilled seitan and asparagus, coconut french toast, and strawberries and cream bread pudding.

Every time my friend Julie comes over after I have made one of these recipes (which is often :) ), she comments about how amazing my house smells. If you are looking for a great cookbook to help you discover reasonable and delicious ways to eat more vegetables, this is the one that I most highly recommend. You won’t regret it. If I had to get rid of all my cookbooks and keep only one, it would be this one.

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