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What I’ve Been Up To: July

by heather
  • New student orientation! And discovered a few more exciting options that I can go with my career.
  • We found a place to live, then decided to consider more options, found an option that I think will be better for our family, although we weren’t able to see this last option in person. (Btw, it doesn’t really help that there is a housing shortage in the city where we will be moving. It makes me feel more grateful that we found a place.)
  • I found a new job that I think will fit my needs, made it through the initial screening and a phone interview, will have a second interview when the head boss is back from vacation. I’m feeling hopeful about it.
  • I took my kids to Hogle Zoo with my sister. They have some new exhibits since we went there last. We had a really great time. In every picture my toddler looks like it was the best day of her life.
  • Back-to-school shopping
  • Packing and getting rid of stuff- I am so tired of this.
  • Car repairs, blegh.
  • Our air conditioning died. Even more blegh. You can’t really survive here without AC. You just turn into a sweaty unmotivated lump while all your best efforts can’t keep the inside of your house below 90 degrees. Fortunately, I have a friend who was kind enough to come and fix it even though it was the weekend. If you are in St George and need an air conditioner installed or repaired, Dan from Superior Air is the BEST. I highly, highly recommend him. He’s honest, friendly, fast, does a good job and really empathizes with people who’s AC dies in the summer.
  • I have been using my food storage right and left, although not too many new recipes, just my trusty stand-bys. The more we eat, the less we have to move. :)
  • Trying to entertain my children and cope with the heat. We go to the pool a lot. Oh my goodness it has been miserably hot this summer. I’m looking forward to moving somewhere where my kids aren’t trapped inside for most of the summer.

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