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What I’ve Been Up to: August

by heather

What I’ve Been ¬†Up To: (Besides Moving and Homework)

  • Hiked Kanarra Falls with my family. I think this was my favorite activity of the summer. When I get

    A picture my friend snapped from the Tuachan Saddle

    around to it, this deserves its own blog post,

  • Hiked Kolob Canyon with friends and our kids. Southern Utah has so many beautiful views. I’m definitely going to miss it.
  • Hiked the Tuachan Saddle with friends. I sure am going to miss my hiking friends as well as the red rock mountains and trails.
  • My kids started school.
  • Visited the Denver Zoo with my kids
  • Finished the ‘I Spy quilt’ top. Now that school has started, who knows when I’ll get it bound.
  • I joined the campus running club. From what I gathered, most people are 8-10 years younger than me and don’t have kids. It totally kicked my butt and made some old injuries flare up to run that hard, but hopefully if I keep at it I’ll get into better shape.
  • Worked my last shift at Intermountain Healthcare. Definitely bittersweet. I worked there for nearly 10 years.

What I’ve Been Reading:

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