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Food Storage Friday: Shepherd’s Pie

by heather

 This is Thing 1’s “favorite non-sugary food”. And I love that it is super easy to make. I could probably get her to make it next time, if I cook the meat first, it’s that easy. This is the way that my mom made shepherd’s pie growing up and I love it, but I have since learned that shepherd’s pie traditionally has green beans and some sort of tomato-based sauce. I really don’t think that I could get my kids to eat something like that, but this way works for us. And when I take the leftovers to work I always get comments about how great it smells.

Shepherd’s Pie
Food Storage Ingredients:
2 cans corn, drained
1 can cream of mushroom soup, undiluted
1 Tablespoon dried minced onions
3-4 cups prepared mashed potatoes

Fresh Ingredients:
1 lb cooked extra lean ground beef, drained
1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese

1. For bottom layer mix beef, onions and soup in a casserole dish. 2. Spread canned corn over meat mixture for second layer. 3 Spread mashed potatoes over corn. 4. Sprinkle with cheese. Cook until cheese is melted.

Usually I bake this in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes, but I’m trying not to turn the oven on these days. The dish I used was small enough that I cooked this in the microwave for a few minutes without any ill effects. Once I tried using half wheatberries to half ground beef. It was not a winner. The texture was just wrong. I also swear that I took a picture of this when I made it last, but it is MIA. I’m sure that you guys can use your imaginations to conjure it up in your minds.

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