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Book Review: I Dare You To Eat It

by heather

A few months ago I went to a meeting where Liesa Card talked about using food storage and the methods explained in her new book. She gave one example that really struck me and made me want to learn more. In a book about the accounts of pioneer children, there was one child who thought of the journey as a grand adventure instead of a miserable experience. The difference between this boy and all the other children is that his mother was prepared. Before embarking on her journey she obtained a small portable oven and was able to bake bread throughout the trip. He was able to look at the experience as an adventure because his mother was prepared and he always had food to eat. To help my children have a better outlook on whatever the world throws at us, I need to be prepared. That means that not only do I need to have food set aside, that means I need to know what to with it and it needs to be something that is at least vaguely familiar to my family.
I Dare You To Eat It is more than a cookbook. It’s inspiring and encouraging. It makes using your food storage a reality. Here are the top five reasons you should have food storage:
1. It is healthy for you.-Whole grains are power foods
2. It’s cheap.- $50 worth of rice can feed an adult for four months.
3. It can make cooking and meal preparation easier.- Trust me I promise that it can
4. Having food storage can get you through an emergency.- Whether it be a personal or natural disaster.
5. Numerous prophets of the Lord have advised us to do so.- Shouldn’t this one be reason enough?
As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I believe that we have an inspired and living prophet who gives us counsel from our Heavenly Father who loves us. But even if you don’t believe that, food storage is a good idea. Having food storage doesn’t mean that you’re crazy, it means that you’re smart. Having a little set aside means that we are better prepared for whatever tomorrow may bring.
This book makes using your food storage a reality. It doesn’t have to be weird or scary. Just find recipes (30 is a good number) that your family likes to eat that you can incorporate basic items into. And that doesn’t mean that you have to start grinding your own wheat and making your own bread. If cooked right, wheat can taste GREAT. And what’s weird about rice, potatoes, beans, pasta and oatmeal? I eat these things anyway.
Here’s a summary of the book that the author gives on her website: “I Dare You to Eat It walks readers step-by-step through designing food storage to fit your family’s needs and preferences. In Chapter 1 I discuss the role of provident living in helping us to follow God’s plan and reach out to others. Chapter 2 provides an overview of a practical system for integrating food storage into normal, everyday meals. Chapter 3 explains the simple steps for implementing your own food storage plan, tailored to the way your family eats, followed by more than forty easy food storage recipes in Chapter 4. And Chapter 5 provides further advice, responding to frequently asked questions about storing dried goods and using stored food.” There you go.
It’s a quick enjoyable read. I even found myself laughing out loud at parts. I recommend it to anyone who is serious or curious about being prepared, eating better or saving money. For more information, check out this link:

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