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My latest way to sneak veggies to my children

by heather

If you’re like me and many other moms, you struggle to get your kids to eat veggies. (Click here for my favorite means of sneaking it to them.) And I’m always looking for ways to get my kids to eat better that actually work. Here’s my latest trick: Pepperidge Farm Garden Cheddar Goldfish. Each 1.1 oz serving of crackers contains 1/3 serving of vegetables. Yes, nutritionally, this is not as good as eating whole vegetables, but it’s a taste that my kids love, are familiar with and is easy to stash in my purse for those times when we’re out and my kids need a snack. The crackers are baked with dried vegetable powder in the mix and my kids love them. There is a slight veggie taste to them, but honestly think that it improves the flavor. And right now they’re on sale for $0.88 per package at Smith’s.

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