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Book Review-The Essential Food Storage Cookbook

by heather

I love getting new cookbooks, or even rediscovering old ones. They can help pull you out of a cooking rut. And yes, really you can find almost any recipe on the internet, there’s something more satisfying having the book in front of you to refer to. You go to the internet when you have a general idea of what you want, you go to a book when you want to be inspired.
 The Essential Food Storage Cookbook seems like a descent cookbook, but I’m not going to say that everyone should run out and buy it. Here are the pro’s and con’s of this book.


  • Lots of recipes and some of them sound really good
  • Helpful information on shelf life and the best ways to store specific ingredients
  • Information on nutritional value of various food storage items
  • Motivation and encouragement to help you with food storage


  • All of the wheat recipes require a wheat grinder. There are other ways to use wheat.
  • Many of the recipes don’t even include food storage ingredients
  • The one recipe that I have tried was a flop. A milk and fruit shake so sugary that even my kids wouldn’t drink it.

I’ll continue to try some more recipes and let everyone know if I find any that I really like.

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