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Easter Tips

by heather

Easter, Easter, I love it, but what I don’t love is the excess of candy. And I know some members of my family (cough, meat-loving man) would start a revolt if we completely went without Easter candy,  but I do try to limit the gobs of sugar that can be found in my house at this season. Here are few tips on making Easter memorable without all of the candy.

  • Hide things on your hunt other than candy. This year I’m hiding a Littlest Pet Shop set for my daughter and a Melissa and Doug tool set for my son. Yes, more pricey than candy, but I got a great deal on each of them, they last longer and lack the sugar rush.
  • Hide puzzle pieces in eggs and put the puzzle together as a group when all of the pieces are found. (I found that tip in Family Fun Magazine.)
  • Decorating and dying Easter eggs. Here are tons of creative ideas.
  • Cascarones! I used to make these with my mom when I was a young. I didn’t do them this year, they do require quite a bit of planning ahead. But they’re great fun, if somewhat messy.
  • Finding a new dvd has become an Easter tradition at our house.
  • Lower priced items that I’m hiding: stamps (found 2 for a $1), bunny ears, sticker books (both $1 items from Target) and small story books. Check out Target or your local dollar store for other small toys and items.
  • Do without the Easter grass. It just makes a mess and I hate it.If you must have basket filler, use tissue paper.
  • Make sure that you take time to talk to your kids about the real reason we celebrate Easter.

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