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Ways to save money that are good for the environment too.

by heather

  1. Cook from scratch– There’s a great deal of potential savings here when compared to eating out, buying packaged foods and mixes. And cooking from scratch is often healthier. Plus less packaging, less waste.
  2. Start a garden– My husband and I were debating on whether are garden is actually cost efficient. Thus far we’ve spent $50 and gotten two miniature strawberries. But then there were a lot of up-front costs that we won’t have to do again like garden tools. Perhaps this will save us money as we get better at it. I did make the argument that growing your own herbs is definitely cost effective and I have managed to successfully do that one.
  3. Unplug your appliances– I’ve heard several times that you can decrease your power bill by 10-15% by unplugging your appliances when not in use. I am not about to unplug my major kitchen and laundry appliances when they’re not in use. That is too much work. But unplugging computers and the TV at night is reasonable.
  4. Check out home improvement rebates– A few months ago we had our attic insulation redone. Upfront cost- $860. Rebate total- $823. So it cost $37 out of pocket and is estimated to save us $290 each year on power and heating. We also got rebates for buying new energy efficient appliances (which we had to purchase anyway.) These are just a few examples. There are many other opportunities out there. See what you have in your area.
  5. Plant a tree– If you plant it on the south or west side of your home and it provides any amount of shade it can decrease your air-conditioning bill, plus it increases the value of your home.
  6. Make use of your library– I’m certain that I would save thousands of dollars if I went to the library as often as I go to Barnes and Noble. It’s a weakness of mine, but I’m getting better.
  7. Reuse plastic containers– I reuse Cool Whip containers to freeze vegetable purees. There are hundreds of other possibilities.
  8. Get your kids to play outside– Turn off the tv and computer once in awhile. The exercise is good for them too.
  9. Cook with a crockpot– These appliances are actually pretty energy efficient. And in the summer time they don’t heat up the kitchen like your stove and oven, thus saving $ on your power bill.
  10. Take care of your car– Making sure your tires are inflated can save money on gas. And maintenance is cheaper than replacement.
  11. Have your kids color on both sides of the page. The little things add up.
  12. Buy in bulk-This only applies to some things. I buy fruit, cheese, laundry detergent and baby wipes in bulk because I know that whatever I buy we’ll use. This isn’t a good idea if what you buy will go bad before you get to using it. Figure out the price per ounce and comparison shop.
  13. Find alternative methods of cooking– Recently I went to a preparedness fair where they taught us how to cook using solar ovens and wonderboxes. I’m excited to give them a try.
  14. Walk or bike when its feasible– Another thing that’s good for your health too.
  15. Reduce what you have to wash– I only wash jeans after they have been worn twice. (Unless they’ve been smegged.) It makes them last longer and it reduces what you spend on detergent, water and power. Plus it’s that much less time folding and washing laundry.
  16. Get organized!– Being organized can decrease what you spend on things that you don’t need. Plus it can save you time and just make your life easier.

Happy Earth Day! Does anyone have any other great ideas that belong on this list?

    5 Responses to “Ways to save money that are good for the environment too.”

    1. NatureGirl says:

      Thanks for the reminders! Hopped over from MMB…

    2. Untypically Jia says:

      These are great tips! Thanks for sharing. I do a lot of these already and I agree, I've seen a decent significance in savings.

    3. Lisa says:

      I do #9 a lot and trying to be better about #1. Came over from MMB.

    4. MomBabe says:

      I am just WAITING for my garden to grow. I think I'm obsessed at this point…

    5. Nikki says:

      Great post. I am visiting from Mrs. Moneysavers. Check out my giveaway; all you have to do is leave a comment!

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