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Ways that Parents Can Reform Healthcare

by heather

Yesterday at work I read a short article on ways that parents can reform healthcare. I know that I’ve mentioned some of these before, but I think they’re worth repeating and not one of them requires an act of congress. Each of them are ways that you can improve the health of you and your children immediately and in the long-run. By taking care of yourself and your children you can decrease healthcare costs for yourself and everyone else.

  1. Eat healthy– Providing healthy meals for yourself and your children is a simple way that can give you more energy and give your body the building blocks it needs to fight off infections. Improving your diet decreases your risk for cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
  2. Exercise-Active kids are far more likely to be healthy. Exercise improves your blood circulation which makes the organs and processes in your body work more effectively.
  3. Prevent accidents– Vigilantly watch your children. Make them wear helmets. Make them wear seat belts. Make sure that you have the appropriate car seat.  Don’t let them sit on the ledge of the back of a pickup while off-roading through the country. I know these are boring suggestions, but they are so important! I have seen so many sad stories of kids whose parents didn’t make them do these things.

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