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A Romantic Getaway on A Budget

by heather

This week my husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary. As I was planning something fun I realized, I can’t even remember the last time that we had a real date. Really. If you are in the same situation I suggest that you follow the steps below. Even getting away for just one night can be fun and a simple way to strengthen your relationship.

  1. If necessary, find someone to watch the kids. This is biggest barrier for us. You can find things to do for free, but getting a babysitter can be expensive, plus they’re often hard to find. For this occasion, Grandma and Aunty came to visit. If you don’t have family that are willing/able, try swapping with a couple with kids whose ages are close to your own kids.
  2. Choose an event that you and your significant other both enjoy. Then look for a coupon. We decided to splurge a little and see Phantom of the Opera but I found a coupon that got us $100 off so we weren’t paying full-price. It doesn’t have be that big, just find something that you both will look forward to. Camping, football games, dancing, a museum exhibit…Do what works for the two of you.
  3. Get away. It doesn’t have to far or long, just away., and are great places to look for a good deal. For this one we booked a room in a 5-star hotel at less than half the average rate through Hotwire. Then we got lucky and when we arrived, they upgraded us to a suite for free. So we got an awesome hotel stay for more than 75% off. There were several options, this was the one I chose because it was close to the theater.
  4. Allow some time for “winging it”. Don’t put yourself on such a schedule that you’re too rushed to enjoy things. The point isn’t to see or do the most you can because it’s easier without children in tow. The point is to enjoy one another’s company without having to focus on the needs of those cute little people. (Although we found ourselves frequently talking about them. ‘Oh, the kids would like that’ or ‘I love it when she says…’)
  5. Talk to one another. (Oh, it was nice to have many extended conversations without insistent demands.) Think back to when you were first dating, other fun things you  have done together, things that the two of you have overcome or plans for the future.

Other tips when planning your getaway:

  • Many hotels and ticket events are often cheaper during the week. Try to book Monday through Thursday if your schedule permits.
  • If you can’t book Monday through Thursday, business hotels often offer discounted weekend rates
  • Something you want to watch for: some hotels tack on an additional resort fee, I chose ours because it didn’t.
  • Casinos often offer great rates on hotel rooms because they count on most of their customers spending a lot on gambling. If you don’t gamble, you can snag a sweet deal (like we did).
  • Going to a destination off-season is another way to score deals. Cheapest Months to Travel
  • Take this opportunity to go to eat somewhere you’d like to try but you know your kids would have no interest in experiencing.
  • Wear good shoes, especially if you plan on doing much walking. I made the mistake of thinking “I’m not chasing or juggling kids, I’m going to wear some sexy wedges.” I ended up spending more than I would have liked on a new pair of shoes mid-evening because my soles were covered in blisters and I really couldn’t make it back to our hotel in those cute, but pain-inducing shoes.
  • Bring a couple bottles of water, so you can avoid paying $8 for the bottled stuff in your hotel room.
  • Remember that if you look for them, there are many free things to do out there.
  • And most importantly be creative, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to let your sweetheart know that he is loved.

    7 Responses to “A Romantic Getaway on A Budget”

    1. KC Mom says:

      Stopping by from MMB.

      These are all such great tips for dating your sweetie.
      Also, remember, this too shall pass. There will come another season in your life when it won't be so difficult to set up dates. I am approaching that time of life, but it still doesn't mean that I shouldn't put forth the effort. I don't need to get a sitter or plan ahead on my schedule to make time….I just need to plan.
      Thanks for the reminder!

    2. Untypically Jia says:

      Very good advice! And Happy Anniversary!

    3. Royalbird says:

      Good advice. I can't ever seem to find such deals though, despite trying. And I agree, it is hard when it comes to getting someone to watch the kids.

    4. Gina says:

      Getting a sitter, even for overnight is the big kicker. We live in FL, so there is a lot of close, cheap-ish things to do, but we just can't seem to get away for more than a couple hours in the evening. Good tips, and congrats!

    5. iamwoman says:

      Great advice! (here from MMB)

    6. Kendra says:

      What a great post. Thanks for sharing it on the beinglds site!

      {I am also a St. George blogging momma!}

    7. Jocelyn Christensen says:

      Such good advice for us busy mommies! :0 Thank you! I think I'll call a babysitter right now… :)

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