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Chicago- Part 2: The Field Museum of Natural History

by heather

The Field Museum of Natural History

The Field Museum was our second stop on our trip to Chicago was the Field Museum. I didn’t plan on spending as much time there because a family member who had been there told me that they didn’t think my children would like it. That was a mistake. They loved it and we stayed until it closed. (Hours are 9-5) As mentioned previously, you can get a good deal on tickets through the Chicago CityPass. The Field Museum offers 52 Free Days here. Admission at the door for non-residents is $29 for adults and $20 for children. Adult tickets bought online ahead of time are $22 each. You can find a BOGO in the Chicago South Entertainment Book. Parking is between $16-19. If you park at Soldier Field you can pay with credit card and it is $16 for the first four hours, and $19 if you park for longer than that. If you park in the Adler lot, it is $16 cash for all day. Also, make sure that you never go on a day that the Chicago Bears are playing at Soldier Field, because there is no parking anywhere.

 The first thing that you see after the ticket entrance is Sue. Sue is the largest complete Tyrannosaurus Rex in the world. Sue is on the main floor, while the rest of the large prehistoric exhibit is on the second floor. My kids loved this part, loved the videos and would have spent many more hours there if we let them.

Another area that my kids loved was the Nature Walk. For those you from the Provo, UT area, it reminds me of the Bean Museum, except many of the animals are in dioramas and for every case there is a list of things to find. (butterflies, lizards, etc.) My four-year old loved this and if we weren’t trying to get through as much as possible, we could have spent a lot more time there. They have numerous other animal exhibits that my kids loved. Her favorite exhibit was “What is an animal?” She loved learning about long tongues that can grab things and different parts that animals have adapted for survival.
 Then my kids tolerated a quick trip through “Inside Ancient Egypt”. I wish I had more time to spend there. Some of the other great exhibits they have include Underground Adventure, Hall of Gems, Moving Earth and many cultural exhibits. My family and I loved this place and really, really wished we had more time there. If you have the chance I highly recommend that you take your family.
 A few more hints: tours are offered daily, and the staff can give you great stories and insight. Also if you’re going to grab food at the museum, make sure you do it before 11 am or after 1:30 pm to avoid the crowds.

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