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Perneid Meteor Shower and a Mini Giveaway

by heather

Announcement: August 11-13th there is a large meteor shower, with the peak being early in the morning of August 13th. If you possibly can, it’s a great free activity for you and your family. As comets get closer to the sun they shed ice and dust, and if the earth is traveling through the comet’s orbit you get a meteor shower or falling stars. To get the best view of this show, look after 11 pm and get away from city lights if you can. Prepare like you would for a July fireworks display. For more info about this and other meteor showers throughout the year go here.

Today at Smith’s I received two certificates for Box Tops for Education, and they’ll expire long before my kids are old enough to care about such things, so I’m having a mini-giveaway. The first two new followers to my blog will each get a certificate for 25 boxtops. Just follow me through google friend connect and leave a comment to this post. Someone might as well use them. :)  Also if you are of the persuasion who collects boxtops for your munchkins, you can get a certificate for 25 boxtops with a purchase of Progresso soup at Smith’s or 50 boxtops with the purchase of any 10 General Mills products at Albertson’s.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm following thru GFC…thanks for sharing! :-)

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

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