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Favorite Places to Visit in St George Part 2: Creative Minds Learning Center

by heather

I love taking my kids to children’s museums and hands-on discovery centers. We’ve been to several around the country and have been kind of sad that there is nothing like that in St George. Well, not anymore! Just this August a new learning center opened in St George. We checked it out last week and we will definitely be going back.

  Creative Minds Learning Center has several imaginative play areas based on local businesses including Lin’s Grocery, Staheli Farms, Tuachan Ampitheater, Sunrise Tire and Cooper Construction. Admission is $5 for kids. Group, party and monthly rates are available. Plus they offer classes that include a craft for $3 per child. (Sign-ups are available online through the link above.) Here are the reasons that I’m pretty pumped about this place:

  1. Parents are free! (It always seemed silly that I had to pay for myself and my husband in children’s museums.)
  2. It’s local and it’s a family run business.
  3. There’s a ball pit. (I miss those.) And it’s shallow enough that diapers are not going to get lost in it.
  4. There’s pirate ship for my scalawags to play in.
  5. There’s a princess castle complete with throne and dress-up clothes.
  6. There are lots of simple toys that allow for creativity. (Many hours of fun can be had with PVC pipes, ping pong balls and few blow-dryers.)
  7. It’s small enough that I can keep track of both my kids and read a magazine/book.
  8. It’s so much easier to clean up after my kids there than at home.
  9. They play happy Disney music in the background.
  10. Because it’s local, I don’t have to fight my kids as hard to drag them out. I let them play until they’re tired.
Mini Ball Pit
Ahoy Mateys!

2 Responses to “Favorite Places to Visit in St George Part 2: Creative Minds Learning Center”

  1. Serene is my name, not my life! says:

    Oh how cool! That looks like a sweet place to visit! I wish we had one like that around here.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my post about family planning yesterday! I appreciate it!

  2. Heather says:

    You're welcome. It's nice to hear stories like yours on days when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed trying to do everything. I just have to remember that some of the things I worry about so much (like what people think) don't really matter.

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