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Family Fun in Vegas Part 2: The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum

by heather

Across the street from The Las Vegas Museum of Natural History is The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum. (It’s located in the same building as the public library.) Admission is $7.50 for children and $8.50 for adults. There is a coupon for $2 per person (up to 4) in the Las Vegas Entertainment Book. Current hours are 9 am to 4 pm, Tue- Fri & 10 am to 5 pm on Sat.
  One thing that I love about children’s museums is that each one is different. We really enjoyed this one, it is possibly my favorite thus far. On the first floor there were a lot of things to do that were mostly play oriented and the second floor had many exhibits that were science oriented. While we were there my daughter sat through a chemistry presentation and loved it. A few of the exhibits were similar to those we saw at The Museum of Science and Industry, but it was far less crowded giving my kids a chance to actually see, try and learn. They also had several science exhibits that we hadn’t see yet. There are many things to do on a variety of levels.  It’s smaller than the Nebraska Children’s museums that we visited this summer, but it was more science focused and most importantly less than a days drive. It is totally worth a stop if you are in Vegas with family. I highly recommend this place for children anywhere from toddler to teenager. It’s a great place to encourage learning. We had a hard time dragging our kids out of there.

 My husband making a giant bubble for my daughter. Behind him, is a mom and daughter behind a bubble screen.

Another bubble screen which they really had a great time with.
My son spent more than an hour playing with this “ball popper”.
Experiencing a hurricane.

I snagged this picture from their website, but I had to include it because the laser harp was just so awesome!

Other tips for your visit: Bring snacks/lunch as the food options are limited in the museum and we weren’t impressed with the options within a few blocks of it either.d hand sanitizer because it is a ‘hands-on discovery place’. It’s less crowded in the morning, but even in the afternoon it wasn’t too bad.

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