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Things to Do in Southern Utah: Coral Pink Sand Dunes

by heather

I have reached that stage in my life where my children are not interested in watching anything that isn’t a cartoon. Nor are they very cooperative in letting my husband and I watch non-cartoons. Let’s just say that watching General Conference on Saturday is a joke. (Not to mention that I can not watch that much TV without falling asleep.) The solution: strap the kids in the car and drive for two hours. Driving for two hours took us to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. (Ok, it’s not quite two hours from us, but after stopping at the bank, getting gas, and getting a late start it was about that.) Admission to the park (without camping) is $6 per vehicle. I recently got some sand buckets in the summer clearance section at Walgreens that were 75% off and then free with my Register Rewards. I used them to bribe the kids to be quiet on the way there. The fastest way to get there (from St George) is to drive through Apple Valley, down through part of Arizona and back up into Southern Utah.
I had heard many people talk about how great this place is and once we arrived I thought “Am I missing something? It’s not even pink.” Regardless my kids thought it was greatest thing and want us to come back “at least six times”. They had a terrific time playing in the sand.

Whose definition of pink is that?

Still a fairly impressive sight. (My pics really don’t do it justice.)

The view of the other direction.
The place is pretty much an enormous sand box.

Even though it is October, it was still about 95 degrees there. We’re thinking that we’ll have to come in January when it is much cooler. The bathroom and picnic facilities are descent. I liked that there are a couple of spigots with cold water to rinse off most of the sand before heading back. Bring sunscreen, a lunch and plenty of water. And towels for sand removal. We took the long way back through Zion’s. A nice drive, but if you don’t have a Zion’s or National Park Pass it is $25, and yes they do take credit.

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