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Halloween Costumes on the Cheap

by heather

I am ready for Halloween!
I bought a Groupon ($30 for $15) last weekend which I used to buy this for Thing One.

Out of pocket, including shipping, the Groupon and star wand=$21 (Normally $47 + tax). Another thing about BuyCostumes is that every day they have a couple of costumes that are ridiculously marked down. Today there are a cute mermaid and a little red riding hood costume normally $50 each down to $3.99.  They also have several cute Animal Planet infant/toddler costumes for $10 each (every day). Economy shipping is 4.99. You can get 20% off with code “creepy20″ Definitely worth looking at. (Oh and they participates in Ebates too.)

For Thing Two we decided on a dragon costume from Old Navy.

Online they are $20, but there is a code for 30% off ( SAVEBIG today only), bringing it down to $14, but then you have to pay for shipping unless you spend $100 or more. (One perk of buying online, besides the convenience, is that you can get a Upromise or Ebates kick-back.) At my local Old Navy all of the costumes were marked down to $16. On Tuesdays if you use your Old Navy card you can get an additional 10% off or you can use your bucks back like I did to get it for FREE. (You can’t use a percent off discount and bucks back in the same transaction at Old Navy stores.) I have bought Old Navy Halloween costumes in the past and have always been happy with them. The fleece ones are really great if you live somewhere that has snow at Halloween. (This year we will probably be at Grandma’s for Halloween, so that means us too.) It has been my experience that as the month of October rolls on there are more sales and discounts available at Old Navy. If you wait until the last Friday of October, that is when they usually have their big 50% off everything sale (for the first 50 customers). And by then the costumes will be marked down to only a few dollars each. The problem is that if you wait that long the selection diminishes. As it was today I grabbed one of only 2 dragons and the only one in his size. But the hamburgers are cute too and there were plenty of those.

This morning while we were at Target (picking up Beauty and the Beast!) we checked out their costumes too. They also had several good options ranging from $12-$40. They seemed to have more of the “St George weather” variety of costumes.

2 Responses to “Halloween Costumes on the Cheap”

  1. Judy says:

    superbly cute!!!

  2. Natalie says:

    I ran out and got Beauty and Beast too! LOVE IT! :)

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