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Great blogs I’ve been reading

by heather

Here are some useful blogs that I have discovered recently in my journeys through the blogosphere.

Simple. Healthy. Tasty. Finding ways to get your family to eat healthy foods. I particularly like her recent post on picky eaters. It’s one a coworker recommended.

Basket 411 Suggestions and recipes for those less than familiar vegetables that you may find in your Bountiful Basket, plus some great new ideas for the more familiar ones.

Pioneer Woman– Basket 411 references her a few times so I made her BBQ Pineapple Quesadillas. They were delicious.

Momza’s House– Momza is a mother of seven and shares some great wisdom she has learned caring for her brood. This month she is having a countdown to Thanksgiving. Everyday she shares something she is grateful for and is hosting a bloghop for holiday recipes. Plus this week she’s having a CSN giftcard giveaway!

How To Hair Dos– Step by step instructions for creating princess hair, because I will admit it is not one of my strong points.

The Morris Tribe– Mother of 10 who has lots of great ideas on making things work without losing your sanity.
Women In The Scriptures I love this blog. She discusses in detail women throughout the scriptures and points out many great insights about motherhood.

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