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Thanksgiving Helps

by heather

I think I’m almost ready for Thanksgiving. In the past week I finally took down all of the Halloween decorations, bought a ham, found a Thanksgiving tablecloth on clearance for $1.75 (Wahoo!), and have been clearing space in my fridge to make room for pie. Today I’m going to rent a carpet cleaner (My carpet it looong over-due) as well as a couple of last minute produce items.  And I think that’s it. Probably forgetting something. In the interest of not stressing about things that don’t matter that much, I decided that I am not cooking a turkey. There will only be 6 adults and most of my family prefers ham anyway. (There will be a small turkey breast.) And ham can be cooked in my crock-pot!
In my internet searching I have found the following ideas that can help you make a great Thanksgiving meal.

And here’s the post I wrote for Thanksgiving last year.

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