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Things I am Grateful for Today

by heather

Things I am grateful for today, in no particular order:

1. My husband. He’s handsome, brilliant and my best friend. He balances and supports me in so many ways. I am so glad to have him.

 2. Thing One- She’s sweet, sassy and often downright goofy. She brings so much laughter to our home.

3. Thing Two- I love, love, love that multiples times everyday he says in his sweet, yet stern voice “I need to give you a kiss”, then plants one on my cheek. And of course I have to steal a few from his sweet soft cheeks myself.

4. Lotion- To say that I wash my hands a lot would be an understatement. At least a few dozen times everyday. Good lotion is important, and it’s nice that is smells good too.
5. My neighbors- They are amazing. I could be happy living next to, across the street from and around the corner from them for the rest of my life.

6. My food storage- I could probably go on for years about the ways food storage has blessed my life and I probably will.
7. Online shopping- Black Friday, meh.  I don’t like cold. I don’t like crowds. I don’t like stupid or inconsiderate people. Cyber Monday in my pajamas is what I am looking forward to.
8. Christmas decorations- Looking forward to pulling mine out this week.
9. Fresh produce- So satisfying and good for you too.

10. Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake- And weather permitting it should arrive at my house with my in-laws this afternoon.
11. My In-Laws- And not just because my mother-in-law has some made cheesecake making skills. Many people have “in-law issues”. I don’t, really. They’re fantastic. They’re fun to be with and involved, without being “too involved”.

12. My health- My body’s not perfect by anyone’s definition, but for the most part I am healthy. When I see people with real health problems, it makes me that much more grateful for how well my body functions. I remember once when I was in nursing school I spent a little time with a woman with ALS. Despite her problems had a phenomenally long list of things that she was grateful for.
13. Mint hot chocolate- It makes me happy.
14. Breakfast- It really helps the day go better
15. My dishwasher- I have experienced life without a dishwasher, then with a dishwasher that flooded my kitchen, followed by a dishwasher that spewed filth into my sink and lastly a nice one that is shiny and does a descent job considering our really hard water. I think I’ll keep it.
16. For all of those people who do the jobs that I have no interest in doing, that make it possible for me to do mine- unit manager, nursing administrator, ER doc, food services, pharmacist, house keeping, medication manufacturer, security, the night shift, I could keep going.
17. My parents- So many lessons learned.

18. Fireball- My husband, siblings and close friends bond by playing catch with a ball that they have started on fire. Mike, Cait we totally need to play when we come up next month. It’s going to be awesome.

19. My job- So glad to have employment in these times.
20. Being in the right place at the right time- Last week I was floated to Mother/Baby. While I was taking my break someone was cleaning out the break room. She almost threw out two good sized pads of coupons for $5 off Nutramigen. 1-2 day old infants almost never go home with Nutramigen, but our pediatric patients do fairly often, and I’m certain that their moms will be grateful for those coupons because that stuff is pricey.
21. Coupons- They help me build my food storage for less.

22. Ordinary average good people- They’re everywhere and I’m so glad every time I encounter them.
23. Modern medicine- Oh wow we have come a long way.
24. My crock pot- It can’t count the times it has made my life easier.
25. St George weather- no blizzard here!

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