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Another Awesome Deal from Amazon: Subscribe and Save

by heather

So I had planned on taking the week off from blogging, and I generally prefer that my content is information that is continuously useful, not just quick hot deals. However, this deal is just too awesome not to tell you guys about.

Charmin Ultra Strong 4 Big Rolls 176 2-Ply Sheets per Roll, (Pack of 10)I am kind of picky about my toilet paper. Even when it is not on sale and I don’t have any coupons, I buy Charmin. I just does a better job. Enough said. That’s why I was excited when I saw this deal on Amazon. I just bought 40 rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong Big Rolls (176 sheets per roll) for $22.14. And it will be delivered to my house in 2 days. And it will be continuously¬† and automatically delivered to my house, at that price until I cancel it. I will never run out of, or have to shop for toilet paper again. Wahoo!

Here’s how it works. Go to Amazon and find your Charmin. The variety I bought is listed as $26.34. If you sign up for Subscribe and Save and you will get an additional 15% off, bringing the total down to $22.39. You can have it delivered every 1, 2, 3 or 6 months, depending on your needs, and you can cancel at anytime. If you click on the coupon under the listing before you click the subscribe button, it will take off and extra 25 cents. If you prefer the Charmin Ultra Soft variety, you can get 45 Large rolls for $20.14 with Subscribe and Save.

I’ve also found that Amazon is the best place to get Huggies diapers. If you use Subscribe and Save, you can get size 4 for 16 cents per diaper. You can also get deals on many other health and personal care products such diabetic supplies, energy bars, batteries, cleaners and baby wipes, plus groceries like peanut butter or canned coconut milk. And if you use any of these on a regular basis, it can save you a lot time and money.

There are often digital coupons that you can click on to add more savings. If you subscribe to 5 or more items per shipment, instead of taking 5-15% off each item, it takes off 20% off your total. Seriously this is awesome and makes my life easier.

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