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Dinosaur Birthday Cake

by heather

So Thing 2’s birthday was awhile ago and I decided on a dinosaur birthday cake. (Mostly because this cake only required one cake mix, and I was not interested in my family of four eating birthday cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week.) And my son who usually does not eat cake was so excited that it was shaped like a dinosaur, that he actually ate some.

First you bake the cake of your desired flavor in two 8″ round pans.I used basic yellow. After the cakes have cooled, cut them as shown below.

Discard (or eat) shaded parts

Cover a piece of cardboard with foil and arrange cakes on cardboard. Then I poured jello on the cake to make it taste better and give it a bloody gruesome dinosaur effect.

Then I cut the top corners off the “rainbow” to give the head a better shape. Refrigerate for 3 hours. Next I made a frosting of chocolate pudding and whipped topping.

I used a tiny piece of fruit roll-up for the mouth, swirled chocolate chips for eyes, and let the kids decorate the rest of the cake with mint and dark chocolate chips.

8 Responses to “Dinosaur Birthday Cake”

  1. Rebecca Talley says:

    Great idea. My son would love a cake like this! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Heather says:

    You're welcome. Have fun!

  3. Mom says:

    That's really cute. My nephew would love a dino cake.

  4. deerie65775 says:

    What a great cake! I love easy cut up cakes.. and how fun to add jello for effect as well as for flavor!! Fun!! I have teenagers, but think they would like this! hehe

  5. Barb @ The Mom Blog says:

    Heather – love the cake! I just gave you a blogger award on my site today – to accept go here…

  6. Corina says:

    Adorable, I must try this!

  7. Morgan -Ing says:

    Very nice. I make the world's ugliest cakes! This is ADORABLE! I am impressed. :)

  8. ailinh harris says:

    Awesome! My little guy is getting into dinos and I have been thinking what to do for a theme when his 2nd rolls around… so maybe if he's still hooked on the big creatures, then I will have to steal this idea! The cake turned out great, btw!

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