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Tips for Cleaning- Spring and Otherwise

by heather

Some people would consider me a somewhat of a clean freak. My best friend (and former roommate) has said that she would feel comfortable eating off my kitchen floor at any time. Perhaps I have developed this reputation because when I am stressed about something I cope by cleaning. It’s my productive outlet. There are other parts of my house that leave something to be desired. People who know me in real life know that unless I’m really stressed about something I don’t have the energy to keep my entire house clean from top to bottom. I am a mom to small, active and adorable little persons who not only require lots of time, but also create lots of messes. One day I spent four hours just spot-cleaning dried boogers off my walls. True story. The point of this rambling intro is that I am not any kind of expert on house cleaning, (Not that I really think I have fooled any of you into believing that I am.) but I have found several articles that I thought were worth sharing. Plus I added my own most useful house cleaning tips that I have discovered through trial and error.

  1. Clean up spills as they happen. (It saves so much effort!)
  2. Boiling water is your best defense against dried-on sticky spills, just be careful.
  3. Spend 5-15 minutes every day getting rid of clutter.
  4. Organization is half the battle.
  5. I send hard plastic bath toys through the dishwasher and foam letters through the washing machine every time that I clean the bathroom.
  6. Play music while you clean.

Dawn can really cut down on the effort needed to clean your bathroom.-I Dare You To Eat It

The key to keeping a house clean with small children underfoot is getting them involved.-The Mom Blog

Many of things that are just cluttering up your house may be useful to someone else.-The Bellingham Herald

Some things to consider when cleaning out your garage.- Seattle Pi

Recipes for making your own all natural cleaning products.-

One Response to “Tips for Cleaning- Spring and Otherwise”

  1. Nixie Kucharski says:

    Cleaning is everyone's battle while inside the house. It's hard to maintain a person's house spotless clean, but once it's finished, it'll be refreshing because you know that there's no dirt in sight. Not many realize this but; listening to music while cleaning really feels good and can brighten the mood.

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