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Getting Ready to be Outnumbered

by heather

With any luck by the time you are reading this I will no longer be pregnant. Hooray! Pregnancy itself is a generally an unpleasant experience, but being 9 months pregnant in August in St George, UT makes it worse.
 With Thing 1 I was sent into labor by being hit by an industrial flat-bed truck. With Thing 2 from the time I started having contractions to the time I was complete was twenty-five minutes, going into labor that fast put my body into shock. So let’s hope that Miss Cindy Lou-Who arrives without a traumatic experience. My husband is pretty stressed about it. I figure being stressed isn’t going to change the outcome, so why bother? I’m too excited to not be pregnant to worry much about what could possibly go wrong between here and there.
  In preparation for her debut I have been getting ready for quite awhile. Here’s what I have been up to:

  • Since about March, every time I saw a “stock-up worthy” deal on diapers I bought a few packages.
  • I snagged numerous cute outfits from the clearance section. (Once I got several Disney themed onesies for 50 cents each at Walmart.)
  • I thoroughly cleaned my house so I have less to worry about later.
  • I made a few freezer meals to make life easier.
  • I finished all of my back to school shopping in July.
  • I packed my bag and arranged childcare.
  • I ordered a new car seat and bassinet, which are ready and waiting.

And as Thing 1 observed, “Now all we need is a baby.”

2 Responses to “Getting Ready to be Outnumbered”

  1. Momza says:

    YEA! for babies!!! I hope your childbirth experience is all you need it to be and results in a happy healthy mom and baby!

  2. Lisa @ Pulsipher Page says:

    Excited for you!!

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