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Tips on Newborn Diapers

by heather
Cindy Lou-Who modeling the W brand diaper

 Through personal experience and talking to other moms I have determined that when it comes small babies (7-10 pounds), Pampers Swaddlers size 1 (8-14lbs) are more effective than Huggies at preventing leaks. After that stage I generally use Huggies because there are more coupons and deals available, and there’s not a big difference.
 Last Saturday night, we were staying with family and I realized we only had 3 diapers left. So I made a late night run to Walgreen’s. They did not have Pampers Swaddlers in size 1 stocked. So I decided to give the store brand a whirl. The Walgreens newborn diapers are sized up to 10 lbs, so I tried those.  I found that I have been having even fewer leaks than I did with the Pampers, and they are significantly less expensive.

Here’s the price comparison for the Walgreen’s that I stopped at.
Pamper’s Swaddlers size 1- 40 diapers- $11.99
Walgreen’s Newborn- 42 diapers-$8.99

Currently there is a P&G (manufacturer’s) coupon out for $1.50 off 2 packs of Pampers or one case, and if you ask at the make-up counter there is another coupon (store) for $2 off any package of Pamper’s diapers. At Walgreen’s you can use both a store & a manufacturer’s coupon for the same product. (Ask for the Infant Care coupon brochure.) So if the Pampers were available my total would have been $18.48 plus tax.

Currently (through 9/24/11) there is a deal where when you buy one Walgreen’s product you can get a second of the same for 50% off. And in the Infant Care coupon brochure there is also a coupon for $2 off any Walgreen’s Brand diapers jumbo pack. (Because it is a store coupon the $4 is taken off before the 50% off discount.) So my total was $10.48 plus tax for 2 packages of diapers. And they are just as good if not better for the stage that my infant is at right now. And yes, you don’t have the reward codes, but a discount of $4 per package of diapers is worth more than a reward code.

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