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Preparedness Wednesday: September in Review

by heather

For those of you just tuning in, every week I try to do something to get my house in order (fix things, get out of debt, etc) and purchase something to add to my emergency supply. If you want to follow my deals as I find them, I post them on my public facebook profile. For those of you who have been reading for awhile you know that I have an adorable new baby with reflux. The upshot is that I am no where near as productive as usual, so there was a lack of getting things in order this past month. It was all I could do to maintain things, and even that was questionable. But look how cute my baby is!


  • Paid off one of my husband’s student loans- the big one with the higher interest rate. Hooray!
Emergency Preparedness/Food Storage:

  • Made and canned Asian plum sauce (recipe to follow in an upcoming post)
  • Canned homemade salsa
  • Canned apple pie filling
  • A case of instant oatmeal from Smith’s- $18
  • #10 cans of powdered eggs @ Costco- $12.47 (Best price I’ve ever seen, I highly recommend you take advantage of this if you can.)
  • Vital Wheat Gluten @ Walmart- $6 for 15 oz (although I discovered you can get 27 oz for $8 at the local Bosch store, so if you live in St George, I recommend that.) Wheat gluten is a great shelf stable source of protein. Unopened it is good for 10 years.

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