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December Updates

by heather

Great news!

  1. I passed the CPN exam! I am now a Certified Pediatric Nurse and I get to put extra letters after my name. Wahoo!
  2. Cindy Lou Who’s reflux is getting better. She’s still on more than $500 worth of medication each month and I still can not have tomatoes or onions, but I can have small amounts of cranberries, chocolate, citrus, beans and dairy. Really, this is huge people.
  3. We had a great Christmas, including some time with my brother-in-law who just came home from the Philippines.

With these big things behind us I’m ready to conquer the world. Or maybe just tackle my house. It needs serious work. And perhaps get around to fixing my blog, that is getting my computer programming husband to fix my blog. Starting the first of the year I’m going to try something new: The $100 Challenge. For the month of January I plan on spending no more than $100 on groceries for my family of five. It’s basically a pantry challenge, but gives me some leway to buy milk and fresh produce. I’ll share my menus and food storage ideas here and I’ll find prizes for some of those who want to join me in my endeavors to rotate my pantry items and save some money. Who is with me?

3 Responses to “December Updates”

  1. Kendra says:

    I really want to try this, but I am not sure that I have enough food storage. Hmm. Is groceries considering diapers and such?

  2. Heather says:

    I am not counting diapers and wipes, because I don't eat them. I suppose in some kind of disaster I should have them on hand, however it's not something that expires and needs to be rotated. What I'm trying to do is force myself to rotate through some of my food storage.
    You should give it a shot. It will make you seriously consider what you have stored, what you need to store and how to use it. What do you have to lose? If you don't make it through the entire month you will still have saved some money and tried some new things.

  3. Momza says:

    First, congratulations on your CPN! I am sure your earned every one of those new letters behind your name!
    As for the $100 challenge–I've heard of it before but haven't tried it. You'll have to post your experience! Good Luck!

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