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Preparedness Wednesday: December in Review

by heather
Oops! Took the kids to the pediatrician this morning and had this set to publish automatically before I finished it. 
For those of you just tuning in, every week of 2011 I tried to do something to get my house in order (fix things, get out of debt, etc.) and purchase something to add to my emergency supply. If you are interested in following deals as I find them I post them on my public facebook profile.
  • Installed a coat hook rack in my entry way. *Hopefully* this will make finding coats and getting out the door a little easier.
  • Did a little research on supplies that are good to have in an emergency. Besides food, water, and toilet paper, a few suggestions that I repeatedly saw included: iodine water tablets, tarps, solar blankets and a shovel. I also bought some heavy duty plastic pins to put these items into.
  • Bought several plastic bins to put toys in. At some point I will have enough time and motivation to organize all of the toys, so they will be in these bins and not on the floor. Someday…
Emergency Preparedness:
  • Pompeian Olive Oil- $3.99 for 48 oz @ Albertson’s
  • case of Charmin from Amazon- 21 cents per roll
  • more peanut butter from Amazon- I can’t remember how much it cost, but when I signed up for it to come automatically it was a great deal.
  • brown rice- $13 for 20 lbs @ Costco
  • #10 can of freeze-dried strawberries- $8.79 @ Costco

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